Synodic Necklace, Selected for JOYA Barcelona 2020




Synodic – relating to the period between two successive conjunctions of the same celestial bodies (such as the moon and the sun) – Merriam-Webster dictionary

The machined plexi-glass links have been tension fit and slotted to lock the pierced mother of pearl elements together. Closing the necklace is a culmination of the same repetitive action of placement all the way around.

I wanted to use the inherent properties of each material to create a conversation between the two. The transparency of the acrylic harnesses the light, allowing the mother of pearl to shine and reveal the etched movements of the tide.

Both materials evoke the smooth, industrial surfaces linked with times of scientific innovation throughout history (1930’s/1960’s). In particular, Synodic references the moon and our mid-century fascination with space travel, as a study of the material conditions of optimism.