I’m delighted to say that this piece has made it to Halifax for the first installation of Placement, a juried exhibition by Co-Adorn. The Halifax exhibition opens TOMORROW, Thursday January 23 at 6pm at the Mary E. Black Gallery. This necklace was created specifically for the exhibition. I am so pleased to have my work exhibited alongside some of my favourite Canadian jewellers in my hometown.

The term Synodic is defined by Collins Dictionary as:

“relating to or involving a conjunction or two successive conjunctions of the same star, planet, or satellite”

I have been interested in how this astrological language could be translated into the form of a chain, and in continuing my use of mother of pearl as a visual metaphor for the tides and the phases of the moon.

I endeavoured to maintain the structural integrity and visual beauty of the mother of pearl links by designing everything around them, from the smooth surfaces of the plexiglass to the sliding closure mechanisms.  I decided that the mechanism of connection would have to define the intermediary units (the plexiglass) as an unobtrusive technical device to maintain the precious placement of the pearl links.


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