I’m trying something new, directly to you from the bench…

I know that jewellery is not at the top of everyone’s priority list right now. Stone setting, fire scale, lathe speed, torch precision, all of these preoccupations pale in comparison with vaccines, compromised employment and education. And yet, during this troubled time, it has been the small and simple pleasures that have gotten me through. I have been fortunate to continue to make and teach. I have witnessed many of my peers find a way to continue on. I’ve watched my students cobble together make-shift studios in order to produce work. Creativity can’t/won’t  be stopped…so I might as well try something new and keep rolling on.

In an effort to reach out just a little bit more, every month I will design and make a new small piece, which will be available directly through my website (and through my new Instagram shop) for a limited time. For me, these will be fun to make, small experiments or prototypes, and for you, they will always be wearable and made by hand at my bench.

This month I have made these sterling silver studs with white freshwater pearls (black pearl also available). Small (2cmx2cm), elegant, easy to wear with a mask and as always, hand made with all the love. Follow the link for details!

From the Bench – January-February edition


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